This documentation allows you to know how commands and how the bot works.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is FlazeBot?

FlazeBot is a Discord bot, more precisely a radio bot in which you can choose what type of radio you want to listen to. Simple as that!

What are the objectives of the FlazeBot team?

We currently have two main objectives:
  • We want to offer good quality music to users
  • Make users discover new genres of music!

In which language does FlazeBot is coded?

FlazeBot is currently being coded in Python with the library discord.py, we are currently using dedicated servers for hosting.

How can I start using FlazeBot?

You can currently check Invite FlazeBot page to see how to invite FlazeBot. Read the documentation to learn how to configure FlazeBot!

Who is the team managing FlazeBot?

We are a very limited team currently working with a group of 3 guys, chredeur, BENZOOgataga and luc13680as. You can check who works on what on the Staff page. We do have some people that help us like external developers and translators.
Last modified 1mo ago