Custom bots

With Flaze Premium, you are able to have your own little Flaze!

On your way having a custom bot?

First, you need to create your bot! Of course, we cannot do this until you have an application on Discord's developer portal. Here is a little tutorial on how to create an application.
Once you have grabbed your bot's token (click here to learn how to get it) on Discord's developer portal, you can now create your bot on Flaze Manager (click here if you don't know what Flaze Manager is).

Adding basic customization to your custom bot!

This part will not be on Discord, since we are going on the web! First, go on your application on Discord's developer portal and now, you can customize the look of your custom bot, adding an image, name, and even a description!
Now you need to say to Discord, that your application is actually a Discord bot, to do this, simply go to Bot section on your left and create your bot!

Enabling intents

Now, we need to ensure that your custom bot will be running as well as we need it to run. To do so, on the Bot section you need to enable the intents we need.
Required intents are: Presence Intent and Server Members, optionally you can enable Message Content so we are entirely sure your custom bot will be running as smooth as possible.
You need to enable these 3 intents, otherwise, you will probably get an error from your custom bot.
Fun part! We are going to invite your custom bot to the Guild of your choice. Simply get the following URL and modify <IDHERE> with your actual application ID, which you can get in the General Informations section, under the APPLICATION ID category.
You can follow this gif to get your invite link.
You can also follow this tutorial on YouTube! Credits: BENZOOgataga, Flaze Team

Inviting your custom bot

Next up, with the previously generated link which you can now go to, we are going to invite your custom bot! In the Add to server you will need to select the guild you can invite your custom bot to and click on Authorize. Now Discord asks you to verify permissions, as Administrator is the only permission here, you are in need to keep it, otherwise, it will create errors.
You can follow this gif to invite your custom bot. And you can also follow the youtube video which was given above.
Congratulations, your custom bot is now on your guild!
But since it is offline, we will need to create your custom bot on Flaze Manager and start it.

Creating your first custom bot!

First, join our Discord server to get access to Flaze Manager. Get more information about Flaze Manager here.
Syntax: /configuration in commands channel and then select New Bot
You will have this modal.
Here are the explanations on each thing you need to provide or not:


You need to provide your application's ID, otherwise, we will not be able to run your custom bot (click here to learn how to get your token)
Your token is encrypted, and will never be given to anyone, in any case possible.
If your Custom Bot is already configured and you want for some reason to delete it, you can type none here and it will erase all data we have from your Custom Bot from our Database.

Assigned key

In most cases, this will be automatically filled with one of your Premium keys (or the only one you have). If not, you can see your Premium keys with the /key show command (You will have to open the configuration again).

Status Presence (not necessary)

You have 3 choices:
  • online will show up the green presence, which means online.
  • idle will show up the orange aka AFK presence.
  • dnd or do not disturb will show up the red presence.
Note that this does not have any effect on your Custom Bot. This is purely cosmetic!

Status Activity (not necessary)

You have 3 choices:
  • Watching
  • Playing
  • Listening
Note that your Discord client will translate these activities!

Status Activity Text (not necessary)

Here you can enter whatever you want, it will show up with the activity you have chosen, and if not with the default activity (Playing). However, you are limited to 128 characters!
Flaze Manager successful configuration.

Your bot is not having the 200 status? (which you can see above)

Visit our official Discord here so we can help you out!

Your bot is having the 501 status?

501 status is an error from Discord, meaning that you will need to open a ticket on our Discord server so we can reset your custom bot status, otherwise, it will keep showing up the 501 status.

Managing your custom bot!

As we previously mentioned, you still need to use Flaze Manager in this section, so you can join our Discord server to get access to it. Get more information about Flaze Manager here.
Now, the fun part! Once you have created your custom bot, you can manage it with a simple command. Syntax: /manager and then select the bot you have previously created.
You should have something looking like this. Blurred informations here are the custom bot's name.
To start it, just click on the Start blue button.
To restart your custom bot, your bot must be online, then you can click on Restart grey button.
To stop your bot, your bot must be online, then you can click on Stop red button.
Optionally, you can clear your console by clicking on Clear green button. Note that your console has a limit and will not go above a specified number of lines, so this option is purely cosmetic.
To exit the manager, you can click on Cancel red button, or wait.
Congratulations, your custom bot is now running!

Now that your custom bot is running...

We must thank you for using our services and staying with us, big love to you <3