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Are you willing to contact FlazeBot company? Please do check our links here!

Discord :

Discord Support is our main communication platform. You can open a ticket and our helpers will answer your questions and help you troubleshoot FlazeBot issues. We also discuss generalities with our members, it is both a friendly exchange platform but also serious for the evolution of the bot. To join us, simply click here: Join us on Discord !

Twitter :

Twitter is our main social network, used to distribute both tips and information about FlazeBot. You will therefore find small overviews of the new features to come, some usage tips, but also reminders and update notes. To follow us, simply click here: FlazeBot Twitter

Instagram :

We use Instagram to spoil, and make big announcements. As Instagram uses images we do not post very often but you only have what is really important on it. Follow us here !

E-mail :

Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail. Be aware that we rarely check FlazeBot's mailbox so you might need to wait several days or even weeks to get an answer. [email protected]
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