Get yourself a radio with music to listen to with friends and members!

Let's start playing music!

All you need to do is connect to a voice channel and type a simple command, nothing else:
  • /play and then you select the type of music you want
    • Note: If you have Flaze Premium on your Discord server, it will ask "Which bot do you want to play music with?" You just have to select an answer.
You need to be in a correct voice channel to start playing / using FlazeBot's radio.
  • Be aware of the Restricted Voice Channels option in the settings.
  • Make sure FlazeBot has permissions to join and talk in your channel (You don't have problems if FlazeBot has Administrator permission).
Example of the play command
Congratulations, FlazeBot is now playing music in your channel!

Let's check what FlazeBot is currently playing

What you need to do here is type the following command:
  • /nowplaying and check for title, artist, music category or even how many people are listening to!
Example of the nowplaying command.
Congratulations, you just got informations about the current music playing in your channel!

Let's check Radio Status!

Sometimes you would like to know which song is passing on a certain playlist, but not the one which is currently playing. Then you just have to type /radiostatus and you will have the informations about all the Radios!
Example of the Radio Status command.
Congratulations, you just got informations from Radio Status!

Let's get the links of all FlazeBot radios!

You might get wondering where can I get a list of all the songs in a certain playlist, this is your dream command then. Just type /playlist and get what you want!
Example of the playlist command. Note that this screenshot may be outdated and new playlists genres will be added in the future.
Congratulations, you've just got playlist links from FlazeBot!

Now let's stop the music

Well, you already know the command I guess, but let's make sure you know how it works sometimes you would be too lazy 😅
  • /leave and watch it disconnect... really sad isn't it? Yeah we know
    • Note: If you have Flaze Premium, it will ask you "Which bot do you want to disconnect?" You juust have to select an answer.
Example of the leave command (here we have selected Flaze)
Congratulations, you just disconnected FlazeBot from your channel... Why do I congratulate you again? 🙄